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ESG Relationship Solution


ESG Relationship solutions align and empower all parts of your organization to:

• Build long-term customer loyalty
• Increase customer value, and
Enhance and grow recurring revenues and profits.

ESG Relationship solutions help ensure that corporate investments in product development, marketing, customer service, sales, infrastructure and elsewhere are made in the areas with the highest payoffs. Real-time analytics and alerts allow immediate responses to customer concerns, opportunities, and competitors' moves.

Through action management, ESG solutions drive and coordinate both strategic and operational responses to feedback, enabling your organization to deliver the prompt attention to resolution of issues, which builds long-term customer loyalty and market share.


E-Commerce Hosting Services



Establishing an e-shop can greatly expand your business presence into national and international markets. Using an e-commerce optimized web hosting plan will help you to decrease the e-shop upkeep. Also, the e-commerce solution will provide your potential customers with valuable information about your business, your future plans and company profile. In addition to offering increased visibility for your business, the e-commerce hosting solution will keep your shop open for customers 24/7 all year round.

To be successful with Internet E-Commerce, your company needs a website that can communicate with customers, promote products and securely handle business transactions. Elitesoft's online applications provide a customizable e-commerce solution that allows for the rapid construction and deployment of database-driven storefronts while meeting these goals.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution for companies seeking to establish and maintain a professional and effective retail presence on the Internet.

Mobile Commerce


ESPayment offers consumers and businesses an intelligent and natural solution for mobile payment. Mobile payment allows consumers a natural and convenient solution for payments and the ability to purchase or pay for products and services as they arise. Unlike payment in E-commerce solutions, mobile payment can be executed at the point of purchase and anywhere the consumer carries his mobile phone (which is nearly everywhere all the time).

Mobile payment technology offers businesses the ability to increase consumer spending through closer access to consumer needs. With innovative marketing and promotions targeted at consumers, merchants are turning to personalized or differentiated products and services to secure loyal customers and attract new clients.


Multimedia Services



Multimedia is the integration of text, photos, animation, narration, music and interactivity, packaged in a number of formats for viewing. We create presentations that people will remember, appreciate and a dynamic experience that leaves a significant impression on the intended audience.

Our multimedia designers and developers have the ability to further explore new graphical
interfaces and functionality. Whether you are distributing a training program to your staff worldwide or putting together a direct mail campaign to announce a new product or service to prospective clients, we can deliver your message precisely. Presenting your content over the web, on a CD-ROM or computer, or on a Kiosk, your presentation must and will have an impact.

Graphic Design


Branding is an important aspect of the graphic design solutions. Whether it's print media or digital media, our professionals will work with you to achieve consistency in your corporate branding and marketing.

We firmly believe that graphic design plays a significant role internally, for employees and business partners, and especially for large corporate websites with a commanding online presence. We add value to your business communication tools by designing sophisticated, clean and targeted print and/or digital material.


EliteSoft Global Inc. aims to be the IT Platform of Choice within the Asian region for the financial sector, e-commerce businesses and training & certification sector by 2018.

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